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Filming in Spain

Whatever you want to film, Spain offers all one could wish for. Impressive landscapes, great filming climate, well organized logistics and affordable, professional local crew. It is no wonder the southern part of Spain is known as ‘Europe’s California’ among filmmakers.

With its diversity in geography and history, Spain has developed a strong culture that differs a lot from region to region. The little common factors that unify the country’s identity are unique and therefore we can say that they are not just the Pyrenees separating Spain from the rest of Europe. Foreigners bringing their business to Spain should be prepared to deal with a broad range of (cultural) surprises and challenges. They are all interesting of course, but that does not necessarily make them equally pleasant.

Spain has a rigid bureaucratic infrastructure strongly contrasting with the flexibility and improvising skills Spaniards are known for. This extraordinary contrast in organizational structures can easily mess up any production process when lacking profound knowledge and understanding of the Spanish way of doing things. Although professional filmmakers are used to go in well prepared, they should still do some extra preparation when filming in Spain.

Through extensive filming experience in Spain we can help you organize a fluent Spanish shoot. Depending on your exact project we offer tailor-made solutions. Ranging from a free consult in preproduction to providing services on any level in your production: filming in Spain with Filming In Spain is not getting lost in La Mancha.

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